A Mystic's Guide Workshop

Channel Your Guides from Cosmic Realms

With Lisa Short

When:  Sunday, February 20, 2022 @ 1 p.m. central, 2 p.m.  eastern to 4 p.m. central, 5 p.m. eastern. 3 hours.

Where: Zoom (I'll provide link)

Why: Are you curious about strengthening your connection with your Higher Guidance? Join me on a channeling journey! You will be guided to higher realms, and receive a healing attunement to support your travels. This is where you may encounter beings like Angels, Dragons, Fairies, and Masters.

We are not alone, we are divinely guided and protected. If you develop the ability to listen to higher guidance, life becomes infinitely more curious and magical.


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Lisa is a Healer, Medium and Teacher. She is Reiki Master Certified in three traditions and practices Reiki, Trance Healing as well as Evidential, Trance and Physical Mediumship and is a Teacher of all things Spirit. She has given over 1000 healing sessions over the years in her spiritual healing practice.

Lisa reads energy intuitively. What comes through in a healing session is often surprising yet meaningful to the client. In grief-related healing sessions, whether it be grief through loss of a loved one or because some part of the Soul is fragmented, Spirit always indicates exactly what needs to be said for healing.

Lisa channels Spiritual guidance to help identify patterns and conditions in her clients lives to empower them to align with their Soul purpose.

This Workshop will start in

This workshop is for you if...

  • You want to support your Spiritual Abilities and Development.

  • You feel the need to understand more deeply the Truths of your Path.

  • You want to shift into higher frequencies for Cosmic communication.

  • You are willing to explore your inner world with an open minded curiosity.


Medium Healer Teacher

What you'll learn

Here's how this workshop helps you!

Receptive Channeling

Recognize the shift from Physical Awareness to Altered Mindset. This is the mind of the Mystic.

Deliberate Channeling

Intended outcomes and manifesting abilities are supported from deliberate channeling. This takes manifesting results to a new level!

Building your Light Body as a Bridge

Cultivate your Light Body as a Divine Vessel. You will receive a new Cosmic Reiki Attunement that prepares you to move into higher energies, fly high, and develop your light body.

Higher Realms

Awaken to the experience that you are more than a physical human! Through spiritual practices, you can evolve your higher awareness.

Channeling Tools

Explore channeling that is expressed through Divination Tools. Divination means engaging in communication with the Divine. Symbols are a way that you may receive communication.

Interpreting Channeled Guidance

Each person has a filter of experiences that overlays channeled insight. This may affect the meaning of the information. Learn how to establish a reliable way to understand guidance you receive. 

Student Reviews



The attunements were as if I had been in the same room with Lisa. The level of integrity of her tutelage was enhanced by wisdom accumulated over decades as a Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher and her unique insight provided by her intuitive skillset.



Lisa's class expedited my spiritual and emotional journey dramatically. Without Lisa, I would still be lost in grief, confusion and loneliness. She is not just my teacher but I felt that she was also my life coach and friend.



Lisa is very intuitive and has a very warm, calming and positive energy to her. I would definetly recommend Lisa to anyone who is new to Reiki, readings or spirituality. She has a lot of knowledge and is more than happy to share.

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

As a healer, I channel light, and the ability to hold light, to be an instrument for the light, makes a difference in the healing session.

Years ago I received guidance that channeling was a gift that I needed to try. I never thought I would be able to connect with guidance like I do now, and channeling has made all the difference.

I was floundering for years not sure if I was going to find meaning in my life and work. I struggled with anxiety, depression and trusting myself. I transformed anxiety, grief and self-doubt into confidence, inner balance and peace, and channeling opened the door into greater awareness.


My journey led me onto the path of healer and medium. The healing sessions I give are channeled. The Universe speaks to us,  and it is alive and responsive. If we can recognize and tap into the flow of our own higher wisdom, we see a bit more clearly, we recognize that assistance is always available.

Intuition and healing abilities are something we all possess, yet many do not develop them. Intuition is our inner guidance system that helps us through life with ease and grace.

As soon as I tapped into mine, I noticed something.  There is guidance that comes from a source I may not be able to logically explain, but is very real and helpful, even magical.



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So... are you in?

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