Mystic Reiki

Transformational Energetic Healing Session


Lisa is a professionally trained Healer and Medium and is led by Spirit to work with the client for their highest good.

She has worked and studied with world class healers and mediums. Lisa’s unique healing sessions are based in Evidential Mediumship, meaning she provides information for you to validate that your loved one in Spirit is communicating with you.

Your family and friends who have departed this world are truly only a thought away. Lisa communicates with the Souls of the departed and delivers messages of Love. You may ask them about areas of your life and gather their opinion about your life options. There is an energetic healing component to the session and may include Reiki and trance to physical mediumship healing. People have reported feeling the presence of their loved one with them during the session.

These sessions are especially healing for those who are experiencing grief and loss. In these sessions, the loved ones in Spirit communicate their opinions for healing relevant issues in the client’s life. This healing session is about 60 minutes.

Sessions are held on Zoom or FB messenger video. Lisa will contact you after payment is received to book your session. Thanks and blessings.

**If you were referred please indicate this when you make the payment. In person sessions are extremely limited and are available for referred or current clients only.  There is no difference in the quality, experience or effectiveness of the in person or online session.

Lisa is not a medical professional. Sessions are not recorded. 

I had an intuitive session and Reiki healing with Lisa. The session was so amazing and comforting. I really felt the energy shift and move during the online session. I awoke to a lot within myself I wasn't aware of in the days after. I feel so much better with so much more clarity and am elevated for my next chapter. I didn't know what I needed or why when I connected with Lisa but that didn't last long at all! Highly recommend at any stage of your journey.

Lynn M., Ireland.

Lisa was so kind, understanding and unjudgmental. She made me feel so comfortable with my session. She helped me tremendously to put my past mistakes and regrets behind me, so that I could move forward with some direction and a positive outlook on my life after the bad experiences I've had in my life.
Tracy B.,Kansas

So much love.
Lisa has a calm & inviting & warm presence. So thrilled the universe put us in touch.
Josh S., Missouri

Not sure how to explain what happened. I have never experienced Reiki before and was only doing it to say that I tried and went in with low expectations. Little did I know this session would cause a remarkable break through for me.
Lindsay M., Missouri

Wonderful Experience
Lisa was extremely friendly and really took the time to get to know me and find out about my needs. The session felt very personalized and I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout.
Daniel P., Kansas

After the session I was feeling so relaxed , less anxiety , slept great that night and woke up with the most energy I have had in a long time! She is amazing!!!
Angela S, Kansas

Lisa Short is a spiritual healer, evidential medium and teacher of Spirit. A healing session with Lisa may include evidential or trance mediumship, remote viewing, and work with Spiritual guides.

Her unique style of healing allows her to lead her clients along a guided journey of the MIND, becoming a bridge of light to move into their energetic field to see, hear and provide transformational guidance and healing.

Mystic Reiki prepares you to move into higher energies, to fly into altered states, to develop your light body...and become more of who you are, and access all your gifts. This is Magical work!