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Evidential Mediumship Session


Lisa is a professionally trained Spiritual Healer and Evidential Medium. 

She has worked and studied with world class healers and mediums. Lisa’s sessions are based in Evidential Mediumship, meaning she provides information for you to validate that your loved one in Spirit is communicating with you.

Your family and friends who have departed this world are truly only a thought away. Lisa communicates with the Souls of the departed and delivers messages of Love. You may ask them about areas of your life and gather their opinion about your life options.

 Sessions are 40 minutes and held on Zoom or phone. Once payment is received, Lisa will schedule your appointment and will contact you by the email associated with your payment method.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Lisa Short for the AMAZING Mediumship reading I had with you!!! You are beyond amazing and I'm proud my niece Destiny came through and she came through strong!!! I cried, I laughed and I shared it with family! You brought us so much closure and healing and we needed it, especially my little Mahryna she really needed it and your message made her sooooo happy!!!! God bless you and thank you for the being the beautiful vessel and connection you gave us!!! That was the best gift!!!

Barbara K., Illinois

Without Lisa, I would still be lost in grief, confusion and loneliness. She is not just my teacher but I felt that she was also my life coach and friend. During my session, Lisa shared with me what she is seeing and experiencing. To my surprise, Lisa connected with my mother who recently passed. She unmistakably described my mother and conveyed my mother's messages to me. Lisa also connected with my guides to conveyed their messages to me as well. Thank you.

Chi C., Kansas

I spoke with Lisa to get in contact with my guardian angels and my deceased service dog and cats.
Lisa gave me a tremendous amount of evidence that she was speaking with my mother, father and grandmother as well as my animals. My family serves as my “Dream Team” and Lisa was there to guide the way in them letting me know they are in fact, my guardian angels. She gave me information to what they had to say about my life and what may be helpful in the now. My father suggested prayers of manifestation to calm my current sibling turbulence. My mother spent time reminiscing about me as a child. My grandmother was strong in her commitment to her love for me and reminded me of the many ways she completed our family and in guiding me as a troubled adolescent. I felt a sense of completeness. My service dog CJ had much to say about how much she loves me and isn’t going anywhere. She shared she enjoyed our life together as my service dog going everywhere with me and getting praise from all regarding how well behaved she was. I recommend anyone who wants some support, guidance and connections to what is unseen to most to do a session with Lisa. She is so gifted and open to the realms of life and death that connect us all in meaningful ways. Thank you, Lisa!!!
Much love, gratitude and blessings to you always!

Martha Elizabeth Hess
Ani Osel Jangchub Dolma

Lisa Short is a spiritual healer, evidential medium and teacher of Spirit. A healing session with Lisa may include evidential or trance mediumship, remote viewing, and work with Spiritual guides.

Her unique style of healing allows her to lead her clients along a guided journey of the MIND, becoming a bridge of light to move into their energetic field to see, hear and provide transformational guidance and healing.

Mystic Reiki prepares you to move into higher energies, to fly into altered states, to develop your light body...and become more of who you are, and access all your gifts. This is Magical work!


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