Mystic Reiki

Ascension Healing with Dragon Fire Medicine


Available January 2023!

Mystic Usui Dragon Reiki invites you on a guided path of ascension, healing and sharpening of inner senses,  so that you can restore peace, clarity and ease without overwhelm. You are a container, a divine vessel for Spirit. Shining your vessel to a Luster is inner work.

Mystic Reiki is a healing system that ignites deeper awakening and healing. 

  • Opens your subtle psychic senses and clarity dawns.
  • Manifesting deliberately becomes effortless. 
  • Peace and balance becomes the norm.
  • Prepares for or enhances your work with higher Spiritual energies.
  • Transmuting with Dragon Fire Medicine is cleansing, powerful and cathartic.
  • Mystic Dragon Reiki attunement Level One and Two.

After coming across Lisa’s FB Reiki Live sessions and receiving such excellent results; even on the FB Reiki Live Replays. I decided to learn Reiki specifically from Lisa. Since I knew first hand of the impressive results that I had experienced through every online Reiki Live session and replay. The attunements were as if I had been in the same room with Lisa… meaning my attunements were strong and felt in the body. The level of integrity of her tutelage was further enhanced by wisdom accumulated over decades as a Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher; in addition to her unique insight provided by her psychic intuitive skillset.

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Christie P.

Lisa is amazing! This was my first experience with Reiki and I’m so glad I found her. She is a wealth of knowledge and truly blessed. At first I was hesitant but right away I felt a connection. I am an introvert and have been working in the service industry for the past 20years. Over time I finally came to the realization that I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I love what I do, so I am so thankful that Lisa was able to realign my chakras and teach me techniques in order to maintain balance. During the session I felt my anxiety dissipate and the next day I had an over all feeling of relief, peace and tranquility.

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Nicole B.

Dragon Fire

Mystic Reiki
Ascension Healing with Dragon Fire Medicine
How do we work together?
We start by...
Examining, Identifying, and Understanding Present Beliefs
Establishing and Rooting New Beliefs
Building New Worlds for Life Mastery
Dragon Medicine transforms your consciousness to see clearly, in an enlightened manner, spiraling upward, awakening.
If you choose to develop your role as healer or want to dive deeper, this course prepares you for higher levels of Mystic Reiki Training so you can move into finer energies.

This is magical work!

Lisa Short is a spiritual healer, evidential medium and teacher of Spirit. A healing session with Lisa may include evidential or trance mediumship, remote viewing, and work with Spiritual guides.

Her unique style of healing allows her to lead her clients along a guided journey of the MIND, becoming a bridge of light to move into their energetic field to see, hear and provide transformational guidance and healing.

Mystic Reiki prepares you to move into higher energies, to fly into altered states, to develop your light body...and become more of who you are, and access all your gifts. This is Magical work!