Channeling Guidance from the Cosmic Realms Workshop  

Channeling Guidance from the Cosmic Realms Workshop  

Mediumship Evidential

Lisa Short

Healer. Medium. Teacher.

Are you curious about strengthening your connection with your Higher Guidance? Join me on a channeling journey! You will be guided to higher realms, and receive a healing attunement to support your travels. This is where you may encounter beings like Angels, Dragons, Fairies, and Masters.

We are not alone, we are divinely guided and protected. If you develop the ability to listen to higher guidance, life becomes infinitely more curious and magical.

Unlimited Access


Lisa Short is a spiritual healer, evidential medium and teacher of Spirit. A healing session with Lisa may include evidential or trance mediumship, remote viewing, and work with Spiritual guides.

Her unique style of healing allows her to lead her clients along a guided journey of the MIND, becoming a bridge of light to move into their energetic field to see, hear and provide transformational guidance and healing.

Mystic Reiki prepares you to move into higher energies, to fly into altered states, to develop your light body...and become more of who you are, and access all your gifts. This is Magical work!


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