Angel Guidance by Lisa

Inner World Adventures

Join me as I explore Experiences in Altered awareness.
We can connect across a consciousness continuum with teachers, angels, people in Spirit, beings from other dimensions & planets/star systems.
As we explore our inner realms, our world view shifts from looking out to seeing from within.

Mediumship Evidential
Jul 11 2022

Adventures in Mediumship

Speaking Soul   We are Soul Kin Wisdom Keepers & Spirit Travelers. As we travel Inner worlds across ...

Lisa Short is a spiritual healer, evidential medium and teacher of Spirit. A healing session with Lisa may include evidential or trance mediumship, remote viewing, and work with Spiritual guides.

Her unique style of healing allows her to lead her clients along a guided journey of the MIND, becoming a bridge of light to move into their energetic field to see, hear and provide transformational guidance and healing.

Mystic Reiki prepares you to move into higher energies, to fly into altered states, to develop your light body...and become more of who you are, and access all your gifts. This is Magical work!


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